Sweetness, transparency and clarity, along with richness of detail and respect for dynamics and spatial positioning: the ability to restore the entire magic of sonority is an art which the company SCR Audio has been perfecting since its creation in 1961 in the Berry region of France.

As a manufacturer of filtering capacitors, our know-how guarantees every lover of audio complete respect for the chain of sound reproduction, thanks to our electrical mastery of this component and thanks to industrial equipment that has been modernised uninterruptedly for half a century. Using only the highest quality and very pure materials, consistently performing trials at every stage of production, SCR Audio is committed to offering our clients listening pleasure for many years to come.

Founded in 1961, the company SCR Audio develops and manufactures high-tech, high quality capacitors. Destined for numerous applications, such as traction and railways, movement and engines, energy and lasers, our capacitors are manufactured exclusively in France at our plant in Châteauroux in the Berry region.

The company has a team of 45 people and it has been part of the Cefem Group, a family-run industrial company in the Rhône Alpes region since late 2014. The company’s strategy is to maintain the historic excellence of SCR in the field of audio.